Alex, a handsome man!

Alex, a handsome man!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad Chicken Mom!

I love Autumn.  All the Fall colors, Thanksgiving...and Halloween!  I love dressing myself and my poor pets up in silly costumes. Fortunately, none of them seem to mind. So the other day, we thought it would be fun to take Alex to the new Halloween store and see if we could find something to make him a costume out of.  We were strolling down the isle with Alex in the cart and he was busy looking at everything. We started down the isle that had alot of horrific, ghoulish masks....I mean, the artistry and creativity of these terrible masks were amazing. I have never seen masks look this realistic! Suddenly Alex let out a screech!  He looked at those ugly faces and got very upset!  I was so shocked. I couldn't believe he was frightened by these things that I know he has never seen....WE think they are scary, but why should HE?  I felt terrible. I turned him away from them immediately and distracted him with some feathery boas.  I still feel so bad. Alex is very visual and very picky about the stuffed toys he likes. Why WOULDN'T he be upset by those awful faces?  We came away with a whole new respect for our little feathered friend. As we strolled around looking at more 'appropriate' things, I noticed parents taking little kids past those masks.  We assume our children understand these things are not real, but still those ugly images can stick in their minds for future nightmares!  I will be much more careful and protective over  what Alex sees.  I don't want him to have nightmares!

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