Alex, a handsome man!

Alex, a handsome man!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

And More about Alex

People always ask me if Alex is house broken. Well.....not really!  But Alex is exceedingly clean. He isn't allowed on the carpeted areas of the house, and if he DOES have an 'accident', it's just a little drop. Not a big deal and I am ever-ready with the paper towels and Windex to clean it up fast.  He's easier to deal with then a puppy, that's for sure! And Alex isn't really all that big. He has these long skinny legs, but his body is pretty small.  When we have him with us on errends, he will "hold it" for 2 hours! We have to remember to "potty" him in the parking lot planters from time to time. I always bring along a clean-up kit just in case, but I've never had to use it. There ARE people who make diapers and clothing for chickens. One is
  Alex loves to sit on a pillow on the couch with us and watch TV. He isn't bothered by the noise and he loves just hanging with us. Sometimes he falls asleep and he sprawls out and falls off the pillow!  Poor birdie!  He gets so embarrressed. He has a full range of emotions. It's pretty amazing.

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