Alex, a handsome man!

Alex, a handsome man!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spending The Day With Alex

  Carrying this little chicken around with me has been such an adventure.  Everywhere we go people are absolutely blown away to see a real live chicken being carried around like an everyday pet. Most the time they can't believe he's a real chicken! "Is that a real chicken"? they ask, over and over. Sometimes I tease them and I say "no...this is my little dog. He just looks like a chicken"! They are taken aback and sometimes I don't know if they know I'm kidding!  But the most fun comes when they get to hold him. Alex is so good about being handed around to strangers...he just relaxes while they get over their anxiety about holding a real live's sad when I realize how many people have never been anywhere near something as commom as a chicken. They are afraid, delighted, overwhelmed with love and amusement.  Other times, they tell me stories of chickens they themselves had as pets when they were kids. Of course, they are amazed that Alex is a house chicken. "What about the poop"? they always ask.  And I always tell them Alex is a Bantam and he doesn't make very much to begin with. I am quick with the paper towels and the Windex should there be an "accident" on the floor and he doesn't go into the carpeted areas of the house. He's SO much easier to deal with then a new puppy!
  This last week, Alex went voting with us. He even got his "I voted" sticker!  So many people take pictures of Alex with their cell phones, I will bet there are 100 by now.   He is truly "The Man About Town".

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