Alex, a handsome man!

Alex, a handsome man!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello!  Meet Alex. Alex is a Lemon Blue Modern Game Bantam rooster that we raised from an egg. Literally! We have several chickens and at one point, 2 hens were sitting on the same nest together. When they'd get off, other chickens would lay egges in their nest, so the eggs were all different ages. Finally, the two hens gave up on trying to hatch the eggs and left the nest. We didn't know what to do, not knowing how old each egg we decided to just toss all the eggs out since they were cold and any chicks inside were probably dead. N-O-T!   Not ALL of them, at least!  One egg had 'pipped' and there was a tiny hole with a live chickie inside!  Our daughter kept the egg warm and carefully peeled the shell off (NOT a recomended thing to do since you can kill a chick this way, but it worked out...obviously!) and out popped Alex. We raised Alex completely in the house from then on. He doesn't know he's a chicken and doesn't relate to the other chickens when they come up to his atrium. He spends his evenings in the kitchen and dining area, and his days are outside in a safe, fenced atrium that he shares with the house cats that want to go outside from time to time.  He is the love of our life and goes on all our errends with us. We are constantly amazed at his ability to figure things out and understand human affection. He has been the most charming and interesting pet we have ever owned.

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  1. Hi Love the picture's of Alex. Do you have Lemon blue bantam chick's for sale? If you don't do you know of a local breeder that does? I also live in Atascadero.
    Thank you for your time.
    Brenda Berta