Alex, a handsome man!

Alex, a handsome man!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back again!

 I'm still learning how to do this blog, so please be patient!  Here's a little more info about Alex. Alex will be one year old this October 9th.  We have a ball taking him with us everywhere he's accepted. Miners Ace Hardware and Michaels are among our frequent 'haunts' and they all love him there. Target has been VERY nice, but K-Mart kicked us out! Ah well, 'can't win them all!
 People just freak out when they see a little rooster going around in the cart. They often want to hold him or at least pet him and they OFTEN want their pictures taken with him. They are just in awe of him. And Alex is such a good sport. He allows all kinds of people to hold him and he is kind and patient. I believe Alex is a bit of a healer...Folks respond so amazingly....sometimes they will get a little misty-eyed and they hold him close and the next thing I know, they will spill out something that's been bothering them for a while.  Alex is a rooster, and yes, he does crow. Not very much...just a few times every morning at 8A.M. We're already awake, so it's no bother. But the thing about his crowing is that he can't control it. It wells up inside him and he HAS to let it out. He'll even belt out a cock-a-doodle-do when I'm carrying him if it's within his crowing time.  This is what I believe Alex 'brings out' of people. Something that's been welling up inside and they need to release it and let it go. Somehow Alex helps people release things that need to get out. I know people are deeply 'touched' after they have had a few moments with Alex. I'd like to believe he has helped them "move on" in what ever way they need to.  It's a VERY special experiance sharing him like this.

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